The metal manufacturing workshop produces a full range of filter vessels and filtration systems offering an effective solution adapted to all filtration problems.

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We manufacture bag, cartridge or POROMESH basket filter vessels and magnetic filter vessels.

These filter vessels from a standard or as-requested range are incorporated in fluid treatment installations (fuels, oils, paints, water, food liquids, chemical solutions, main pharmaceutical active ingredients, etc.).

Numerous technical solutions for different cases are used both in the shell and the filter element.

These solutions take the physico-chemical characteristics of products to be processed (pressure, temperature, viscosity, physical properties of impurities to be filtered) into account.

These characteristics form the basis for the choice of filtration technique (basket, cartridge, bag, etc.) and the type of filter element (wire cloth, textile, etc.).



Our filter vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European Directive 97/23/EC.


Metal filter elements


Our metal workshop also manufactures a full range of metal filter elements:

  • The POROMESH cartridges and baskets have the advantage of being cleanable and reusable. When space is restricted, we can even multiply the filtration surface by three with a folded filter cloth configuration.
  • We also make magnetic plugs for our magnetic filter vessels or to be inserted as an addition into conventional filter elements (bag or basket).
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Manufacture of a folded basket