The FILTRATION SASU textile workshop

In 1988, FILTRATION SASU decided to create its own textile fabrication workshop, specifically to make bag filters but also dust removal sleeves, press filter cloths and all types of technical textile fabrication.

coupe textile

Cutting filter materials using a pattern

Bag filtration is a simple, effective solution for dealing with the filtration of liquids. It can cope with high flow rates with low head loss and applies to many industries – chemicals, petrochemicals, automobile, paint, food-processing, etc.

confection poche

Manufacturing a bag filter

Our bags are fabricated from a variety of high quality filter materials (Felt, Monofilament, Melt Blown) and we offer a wide range of materials and micron ratings.

conditionnement poche

Careful conditioning guaranteed without silicone depending on the applications

Be it standard or custom-made manufacture, small to medium production runs, we can create any type of textile bag filter or element from a drawing or precise specifications.


Food contact and drinking water



We have a certified range of bag filters for contact with food. These bags have been tested by an independent laboratory and comply with European Directive 1935/2004.


We also have a range of ACS-certified bags for all water treatment applications intended for human consumption. The ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire – Sanitary Compliance Certificate) has been mandatory in France since 2006 for all equipment in contact with drinking water.