FILTRATION SASU and the sales team from TECHNOFILTRES offer a certain number of services to guarantee you optimum use of your industrial filter.

Rental contract: filter tested on the customer's premises

Numerous criteria must be considered when deciding to purchase an industrial filter and there may be uncertainties: hesitation about which filtration technology to choose (bag or basket filter?), uncertainty over the micron rating (particle size or density unknown), or location in the process not defined (after the pump, before the conditioning, etc.).

To remove all these questions and ensure a totally functional filtration solution, we offer an industrial filter rental system to test in your process. You will be able to test several products (bag filter, basket filter, cartridge filter, single or multi-elements), several micron ratings (clogging limit) and several filter materials (textile or metal), but above all, you will be able to test the filter in actual conditions in your own production process. You will then see for yourself the filtration efficiency.

At the end of the rental period, you will have the option of purchasing the rented filter or sending it back and testing new products.

Filtration test bench

FILTRATION SASU belongs to the PRD Group and this, combined with the TECHNOFILTRES sales team, means that you can benefit from the Test Centre located in the SCAM Filtres workshops.

We can therefore study your most specific needs. We can reproduce your service conditions and test our range of filters on site, to offer you the most suitable filtration solution for your process.

Please visit the SCAM Filtres site to find out more about the services of the Test bench.